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How To Remember
Equations And Formulae

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Happy Valentine's Day

The Formula of Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching I though I would give you a love related maths problem. I don’t know who originated it but it dates back a long time.  In this more »

Anybody can Remember

Lecturing in France, I covered some simple memory techniques. As it went down so will I thought I would share with you part of what I spoke about. The simplest more »

Why Use Single Key Words on Mind Maps

At school we were urged to write proper sentences with correct punctuation. Phrases were frowned upon and the use of single words actively discouraged. This notion persists into adulthood and more »

Deceptive Perceptions

As a student of science or mathematics it is easy to assume that the world is rational and what we observe is reality. Do you always believe what you see? Sometimes more »

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