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How To Remember
Equations And Formulae

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What’s the Point of Colour?

You may think that colour has no place in studying maths and science. You do your calculations or algebra problems in blue or black ink and copy single colour notes from more »

Schooling Needn’t be Depressing

A recent story that made newspaper headlines stated that Cheltenham Ladies College is set to review its homework policy over the next five years to help protect students from suffering depression. It more »

Sweet Probability

“There are n sweets in a bag. 6 of the sweets are orange. The rest of the sweets are yellow.” Hannah takes and eats two random sweets from the bag. more »

Daydreaming Good or Bad?

Do you daydream? Does your mind wander when performing repetitive tasks? Were you told off at school for not paying attention in class? Everyone daydreams to some extent. Far from more »

Elections and Misconceptions

The United Kingdom election last week was a great revelation. All the opinion polls leading up to the vote showed the Labour Party and Conservatives neck and neck in England. more »

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