At last! The book that all maths and physics students have been waiting for.

How To Remember
Equations And Formulae

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Mind Mapping Misunderstandings

Teaching Mind Mapping, I sometimes encounter people who are self taught or have learned to Mind Map from a book. Whist they may be competent, misunderstandings can arise. In this more »

How Improve Concentration

Do you have problems with concentration? Saying, “I can’t concentrate” puts up a barrier with nowhere to go. Once you declare that you can’t do something you will unconsciously defend more »

How to be a Polymath

What subjects do you find boring, disinteresting or are indifferent to? I mean the things that you would probably switch channels from if they were the subject of a TV more »

It is Rocket Science!

The Science Photo Library have recently published their list of Ten Equations That Shape Our Lives. They write, “Not just a subject matter at school, maths equations govern the world more »

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