The essential book for success in GCSE maths.

How To Remember Equations And Formulae For GCSE Maths

  • Go into the exam with confidence
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  • Make tedious rote learning a thing of the past

Perfect for anyone studying or teaching GCSE maths.

From 2015 GCSE maths is undergoing radical changes. Gone are the A-G grades, replaced by a new 1-9 numerical scheme. There is no coursework, relying instead on an all-important final exam at the end of two years of studying.

Most important of all, students need to recall equations or formulae required in the exam. These will NOT be provided. Help is here. “How to Remember Equations and Formulae for GCSE Maths” guides you through the memorisation of all the equations required by exam boards in an easy to follow and fun way so you can be fully prepared.

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